As with any network, buying airtime is almost easier than using airtime. On the Mytelnet platform, you’ll just need a debit or credit card activated for online purchases, and a few bucks to buy the airtime.

To access the airtime purchase page, you’ll need to navigate back to the Home Dashboard, where you’ll find the ‘Purchase Airtime’ button on the bottom right of the page or the Airtime Top up under Voice Services.
You will:
Select the amount in Rands
Apply Discount Code (Because we know that communication in a business is of utmost importance, there may be opportunities to use discount codes to buy airtime at a reduced rate. If you get your hands on a discount code)
Select Purchase
Your saved card will be billed immediately, and you will receive a receipt of the transaction. If you haven’t added payment details yet, you will have to authenticate your credit card, it’s a quick process.
Your top-up history appears on your right

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