Probably one of the most straightforward steps in the setup process is setting up your users on the User page found on the left-hand sidebar of the page. Here, you’ll give each employee and manager a personal profile that they can use to log into their own Mytelnet profiles and use the service.

After you navigate to the User section of the desktop version of the platform, you’ll be greeted by a log in the form of a spreadsheet. Initially, only your own name and profile will be set up, but you’ll now have the ability to create profiles for each employee. To add a new user, simply click on the ‘Add User’ button, after which you’ll need to input some information to continue.

Firstly, you’ll need to create a user name and a password for each user profile, So this step can be completed by the person who’s profile is being set up. Following this, you’ll have to input a few more details, like the Name, Surname, Role and Department they work in. This will help tremendously to sort users in a simple manner.

After the user profile has been created, the user will receive an email address which will guide them through the login process. See? After the primary profile has been established, adding users is just so easy.

In the free trial you are given 2 free users to experience the platform and app, you will need to purchase a additional user subscriptions at R35.00 per month excl VAT before following the steps above.
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