To unlock the power of the app and conclude purchases, i.e. Purchasing Airtime and Adding Additional Users you will need to provide us with your credit/debit card details that have been enabled for online banking. When providing us with these details there will be an authentication process and your card will securely be stored on payment providers (PayGate) secure vault.

You are automatically assigned an 087 (Non-Geographic) on sign up.
You can purchase additional numbers separately which you can then give each or selected user a unique phone number. This means that multiple users can have a direct business line in your company while maintaining their mobile number and your company 087 number that you received on sign up.
Your non – geographic - 087 numbers and your geographic (landline) - 011,021,031, etc.
To purchase a number, you can use the shortcut “Purchase Numbers” on the dashboard or go to Voice Services and Phone Number

Select Purchase Numbers
Select Product
Select Number Range
Select Quantity
Available Numbers will appear on the right pane, these are preselected, if you wish to have a special request you will need to send an email to
Select Purchase
Your saved card will be billed immediately, and you will receive a receipt of the transaction. If you haven’t added payment details yet, you will have to authenticate your credit card, it’s a quick process.
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